Ethical & Environmental

Environmental sustainability is a topic of growing importance for UK retailers, as consumers become increasingly conscious of how and where their products are being made. To this end, we are committed to supplying our customers with products produced in environmentally-friendly surroundings. All our factories meet a basic level of green-compliance, with some going beyond this to achieve the standards required to be awarded eco-factory certification.

Our factories have dedicated Environment Committees that continually introduce new initiatives to boost their green credentials. Most significantly, their waste treatment facility is now almost entirely powered by solar energy. Furthermore, our main sock producer is widely recognised as Turkey’s most advanced green textile plant. With no compromise on the quality of the products they produce, their facility uses 45% less energy than a conventional factory.

Ethically, all our factories meet the guidelines set out by the leading international auditing bodies. On top of this, OGUK has a stringent Anti-Slavery policy that our factories have committed to follow.

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