OGUK’s Activewear Inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2019

Block Party is a disruptive and lovely colour palette with clashing colours. It is a very playful trend, wearable for a wide age spectrum. The garments featured are made up of solid block panelling or structured, graphic prints. Their clean shapes and contrasting colours make use of neon greens, yellow and sporty orange.

The fabrics within this trend are soft, but with powerful protection and high-level performance. Compression garments are a key focus of the range. Components are in a contrasted colour to stand out as a main feature of the design and include bonded zips and reflective prints. Premium styles can also include features such as clean cut and heat bonded seams.

Collective is inspired by colourful tribal imagery and prints. This trend embodies expressive colour palettes and provides a wide inspiration for striking prints and graphics. Traditional design processes such as ikat and batik are rejuvenated and transformed into innovative prints.

Ranges inspired by Collective can have a combination of traditional, organic lines and shapes with a contrast of more modern structured garment shapes. Products should incorporate coated fabrics and contrasting knits, whilst seamless options can create interesting jacquard knits. There should also be a combination of lightweight fabrics with more textural, heavy-weight knits.

This trend can crossover to more of a streetwear, urban-inspired trend, which would increase its appeal for a younger market.

Intelligence is inspired by the innovation and curiosity associated with the rise of artificial intelligence. Overall, it has a clinical, structured feeling with precision and a futuristic attitude. Iridescent and gleaming colours influence fabric choices as luminosity and reflections create an ultramodern colour palette. The trend incorporates this through foil and reflective prints, reflective yarns and fabrics, and metallic, shiny fabrics and prints.

With futurism at the core of Intelligence, there is the potential to incorporate smart technology into the fabrics, such as moisture management, heat regulation and soft touch finishes. The latest production techniques, such as bonded seams and laser cutting, create smooth, slick silhouettes and digital printing can be used to create optical and fragmented print designs.

Serene is about peace, wellness and balance as we approach the Autumn. This trend embraces natural fabrics, such as cotton, cashmere and merino, which offer natural moisture wicking properties. Combining these with synthetic fibres ensure that the garments still offer a high-level of performance. Key to this trend is embracing softer, lightweight fabrics.

This trend lends itself most naturally to the recent drive towards sustainability. Recycled yarns and organic fabrics would work very well within ranges inspired by Serene. With the growing importance of supply chain transparency, product marketing should incorporate the journey of the garment, from where the fabrics were sourced to where it was made.